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Automatic CNC double wire chain link fence machine with PLC control

Automatic Double Wire Chain Link Fence Machine

1: The automatic double wire chain link fence machine is our company's advantage product. Through cooperation with German company, we have improved the technology and greatly improved the mechanical quality and output.
2:This machine is mainly used for animal husbandry fence. mechanical equipment protection mesh, highway guardrail, stadium fence,road green belt protection mesh. It can also be used in handicraft manufacturing.
3:This machine can make galvanized wire, low carbon steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire, etc. the mesh surface is smooth,beautiful, not easy to corrosion, long service life, beautiful and practical.
  • Product Detail
1. Machine description
Chain link fence making machine also called diamond mesh machine,spiral fence machine,cyclone fence machine,orthorhombic machine.our fully automatic chain link fence machine is higher speed than the similar machinery.this chain link fence machine is running smooth and reliable performance,the product is flat.
2. Production Process
Heavy type pay-off device(Two sets)→ Wire detection system→ Double wire feeding system →Mould and Soap device→Edge method(Two sets) →Mesh collecting system

Full automatic chain link fence machine includes: main machine, weaving machine ,mesh rolling machine and border wire treating machine as well as all related accessories,it can produce many different hole size of the mesh with different molds.The machine is controlled by PLC system,we can set the length of the fence by PLC program.

3.Machine Features

The machine adopts aluminum alloy cantilever box for operation, which is simple and convenient. The mesh rolling system is equipped with brake device, so the wire mesh will not reverse. The cutter device is also equipped with a brake system for more accurate positioning. The machine is equipped with two sets of edge system ( hook edge and twisted edge). The machine will give an alarm when the coil is disordered. Single mold double screw (independent R & D patent certification). The connecting line uses aviation plug, which is convenient for customers to install machinery. The machine is equipped with remote control device, which is convenient for employees to operate the machine.

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