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450mm 5kg coil diameter concertina razor barbed wire - 副本

Concertina Razor Wire, also called Razor Wire. it the normal type of Razor wire you see around prisons and high security establishments.As an effective and economical security barrier, with its high security function, Concertina Razor Wire can prevent most of the intruders for it is hard and dangerous to broken. With the Concertina Razor Wire on the top of other fences, it can greatly improve the safety factor.Razor Mesh has been in use throughout the world at airports, military bases & borders for many years.
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When you need to get serious about security, Concertina Razor Wire is the best solution. It is relatively inexpensive, but viciously effective. Concertina razor Wire around the perimeter is enough to deter any wouldbe vandal, robber or saboteur. Razor Wire is made of a corrosion resistant galvanized steel cutting ribbon wrapped around a core of galvanized spring steel wire. It's impossible to cut without highly specialized tools, and even then it's a slow, dangerous job. Concertina Razor Wire is a long lasting and very effective barrier, known and trusted by security professionals.

concertina razor wire

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