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High Speed Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Man-machine integrated operation interface, simple operation Adopt tungsten steel die as wire roller, with high durability and no scratches on the wire surface. Servo wire feeding and flying shear structure, high wire feeding and cutting precision, small error. High efficiency, 3 to 4 times higher than the traditional straightening and opening machine

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High Speed Wire straightening and cutting machine is for producing the iron wires which are used in producing condenser. It is driven by motor to do straightening and cutting in order to achieve high speed production. The machine is composed of decoiler, machine body and unloading tray. The main body is composed of wire feeding wheels, straightening shaft, encoder, rear wire wheel and rotary cutter.

Our high-speed wire cutting machine combine the advantages of all the machines made in China and abroad. Surface doesn’t have no scratches .Cutting length tolerance is + / - 0.5 mm, the length of the host automatically is adjustable and touch screen control system, and be able to preset the output and material lacking alarm. Compared with the traditional straightening cutting machine efficiency is increased by more than three or four times, at the same time, it is more convenient to adjust and smaller precision. For the production efficiency, save manpower, widely used in straightening and cutting iron wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized steel , aluminium wire and other metal wire. The device structure is reasonable, stable and reliable, simple operation, high degree of automation, one operator can manage several machines at the same time, greatly improve the production efficiency, is the hardware, network cable and other manufacturers must be special equipment.

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