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Spoke wire fan cover machine for making radial wire electric fan guards home-used

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To produce home-used radial wire electric fan covers (fan guards), several fan cover machines are needed:
No.                       Machine Name               Description
1        Round wire flattening machine      Producing flat wires for outer ring
2        Eccentric press + die              Punching holes on flat outer rings for clip mounting
3        Aluminum hoop forming machine      Forming hoops for clamping guards in round wire outer rings
4        Ring bending machine               Producing rings for outer ring and middle ring
5        Butt welding machine               Welding rings
6        Inner ring welding machine         Feeding, and welding radial wires to center ring / disk
7        Hydraulic press + die              Fan cover shape forming
8        Outer ring welding machine         Welding outer ring to shaped fan cover
9        Middle ring welding machine        Welding middle ring to fan cover
10       Edge trimming machine              Trimming fan cover edge
11       Spot welding machine for repairing Repairing those miss-welded spots
12       handle making machine              Producing handles for table fans
13       Spot welding machine for handles   Welding handles to fan cover
14       Riveting machine                   Riveting clamps / clips to outer ring
Production Flow: ring bending -- butt welding -- spoke wire welding -- shape forming -- outer ring welding
-- middle ring welding -- edge trimming -- handle forming -- handle welding.

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