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chain link fence knowledge

The chain link fence is made by hooking the wire of various materials by the chain link fence machine (diamond mesh machine).

Material: PVC wire, stainless steel wire, high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, etc.


Classification of chain link fence

According to the name, it is divided into: chain link net, diamond net, oblique net, ring net, ring chain net, hook net, anchor net, protective net, aquaculture fence net, and flexible net.

According to surface treatment: electro-galvanized-chain link fence, hot-dip galvanized-chain link fence, plastic-coated chain-link fence (pvc, pe plastic-coated), plastic-dipped chain-link fence, plastic-sprayed chain-link fence.

By use: decorative chain link fence, Dongyun chain link fence (simple fence), protective chain link fence.

Another classification: stainless steel chain link fence (materials 201, 302, 304, 304L, 316, etc. do not require surface treatment). Material (high quality low carbon steel wire (iron wire), stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire.)


Chain link fence calculation formula

Square meter weight (kg) = wire diameter × wire diameter × 1.29 ÷ aperture

Cost per square meter (yuan) = weight per square meter × unit price of silk + processing fee + circulation fee


Introduction to the types and uses of chain link fence

Plastic coated chain link fence

The advantages of plastic-coated chain link fence: the surface is coated with PVC or PE material, which is not easy to corrode and has a long service life; the plastic-coated wire has various colors, beautiful appearance and decorative effect.

Plastic-coated chain link fence use: This product has a wide range of uses, especially suitable for various school organs, stadiums, and stadium fences. Breeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo enclosures. Protection of machinery and equipment, highway guardrails, stadium fences, road green belt protection nets. After the wire mesh is made into a box-shaped container, the cage is filled with rocks, etc., which can be used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering, and is an excellent material for flood control. It can also be used in the manufacture of handicrafts and the conveying net of machinery and equipment.

Galvanized chain link fence

Galvanized chain link fence is a kind of chain link fence, which is made of cold galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire.

Advantages of galvanized chain link fence: It adopts high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and the surface is treated with cold galvanizing (electro-galvanizing) hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion treatment.

Galvanized chain link fence use: Galvanized wire chain link fence is widely used, widely used in warehouses, tool room refrigeration, protective reinforcements, parks, zoo fences, marine fishing fences and construction site fences, protection of machinery and equipment. Among them, two are the most used, namely, slope protection chain link fence (slope protection net), mine chain link fence (coal mine chain link fence, coal mine support net, roadway support net).

Slope protection net

Slope protection mesh, also known as warp and weft mesh, slope protection mesh, slope protection chain link fence, greening chain link fence, is a kind of chain link fence product. to make.

The material of the slope protection net: low carbon steel wire pvc plastic coated wire hot dip galvanized wire galvanized wire drawing

General specifications of slope protection net:

1. Mesh: 5cm*5cm 6cm*6cm 7cm*7cm 8cm*8cm

2. Silk warp: 1.4mm-2.5mm

3. Dimensions: 3m*3m, 2m*10m, 2m*15m (special size can be customized)

The characteristics of the slope protection net: the net surface is flat, the structure is firm, the price is low, the durability is durable, and it has the characteristics of good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.

The purpose of the slope protection net: the slope protection net is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, the structure of this net is firm, and the surface is flat. Widely used in slope support, roadbed reinforcement, shotcrete hanging net, foundation pit support, mountain rock surface hanging net shotcrete, slope vegetation (greening), agricultural construction and construction industry, for reinforcement, protection, The floor is reinforced with concrete slabs, which can also be used to make poultry fences, fish pond fences, children's playground fences and home decoration.

Stadium Chain Link Fence

The stadium chain link fence refers to the chain link fence products used in various stadium fences and stadium fences to play a protective role. The stadium chain link fence belongs to a kind of chain link fence products. The flower net machine is woven after bending and has the characteristics of easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance, good elasticity and strong protection. It is very suitable for use in the fence of ball sports venues.

Introduction to the standard specifications of the court chain link fence:

The standard specification of chain link fence in basketball court fence: wire diameter 3.8mm, mesh 50mm*50mm, color dark green or grass green.

The standard specification of chain link fence in tennis court seine: wire diameter 3.8mm, mesh 45mm*45mm, color dark green or grass green.

Mining chain link fence

Mine chain link fence is also called coal mine chain link fence. It is a kind of chain link fence that is woven with galvanized wire or plastic-coated wire and then processed by holding the edge. , play a very good role in the protection of mine safety.

Mining chain link fence weaving and characteristics: It is made of mesh wire hook, with uniform mesh holes, flat mesh surface, beautiful appearance, wide mesh width, thick wire diameter, not easy to corrode, long life, simple weaving, beautiful and practical, strong tensile force, toughness Advanced features. Especially the plastic coated wire warp and weft mesh has the characteristics of anti-static. It solves the problem that hand-woven mesh or woven mesh is often loose and easy to hang when supporting the roof and coal gang. It has the advantages of high overall and side mesh strength, is not easy to be torn during installation, convenient for construction and low in cost.

Mine chain link fence application: ideal material for coal mine foundation road protection, roof protection and false roof. In particular, the galvanized diamond-shaped woven mesh is connected by a wire mesh, and even if one wire is broken, it will not affect other parts. It is the most ideal material for coal mine foundation road protection, roof protection and roadway support.

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