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The development trend of double-wire full-automatic chain link fence machine

The development trend of double-wire full-automatic chain link fece machine

According to the appearance and use of its products, chain link fence machine is aslo called diamond-shaped Mesh machines, live network machine, metal (iron) Wire Mesh knitting machine, conveyor belt machine, slope net machine, coal mine support machine, anchor machine and other different names.

The machine is controlled by micro-electricity, frequency conversion speed regulation at will, the user-friendly design makes the operation simple and convenient, there is no specific requirements for technical operators, after a while learning, anyone on the machine can produce. The scope of employment is wide and it doesn't require special factory. The appearance of the fully automatic single-thread chain link fence machine is a great innovation in the automatic production of the chain link fence. It adopts the single-thread machine to automatically thread the mesh and automatically lock the edge and roll the mesh, saving a great deal of manpower, the overall mechanical performance is stable and the production efficiency is high, so that the production of the chain link fence into the era of substantive automation.

Simple operation, low mold cost, production efficiency is its fetures. One person can operate two machines or two people operate three to five machines at the same time. Production specifications are diverse, high degree of automation, (automatic wire rolling, automatic cutting, automatic threading, automatic folding or edging) time-saving, labor-saving, high efficiency, Good Mesh Quality, the pneumatic transmission mode adopted by the mechatronics engineering simplifies the mechanical transmission structure, reduces the failure points and the failure rate to a great extent, and the pneumatic components are relatively low in price, low in maintenance cost, convenient and quick in maintenance.

USAGE: widely used in highway, railway, expressway and other guardrail network facilities. Also used for indoor decoration, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fences. The Protective Net of the mechanical equipment, the transmission net of the mechanical equipment. Fencing of sports places and protective net of green belt on roads. The company service team takes the user demand as the starting point, carefully studies the user need, provides the technical consultation, the selection free of charge. According to the customer to the product personalization demand, carries on the revision design to the individual component, the special performance, each of our products all according to the customer demand, tailor-made from the customer plant layout is scientific, production process is rigorous, equipment placement is in place, product future market prospects are all for the customer. Thus according to the customer’s specific situation, for the customer tailor-made a complete set of solutions.

 Precise and reliable control system: GPI, GPII two big system controllers adopt the single chip microcomputer inheritance control system, fully considers the resistance welding characteristic and the production technology application difficult question, in view of each kind of material and the product profession characteristic, elaborate design, excellent selection to ensure reliable performance.

This is the development trend of double-wire full-automatic chain link fece machine.If you have any questions for the full-automatic chain link fence machine,

please feel free to contact me.

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