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BWG22 galvanized binding wire

Diameter:BWG22 (0.71-0.73mm)

Packing: 500g to 800kg as your requirement.

MOQ: 1 Ton

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BWG22 galvanized binding wire acid activation solution should be able to remove the corrosion products, oxidation film (skin) on the surface of the parts, the matrix without over-corrosion. Zinc-coated iron wire can use zincate or chloride zinc plating process, should use the appropriate additives to obtain the required coating to meet the requirements of this standard. 

BWG22 galvanized binding wire should be light after the light treatment. Before passivation, 1% H2SO4 or 1% yan suan should be used to activate parts for 5 ~ 15s. Color chromate treatment shall be used for passivation unless otherwise specified in the design drawings

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