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Bucket Handle Making Machine

Steel Wire Plastic Paint Bucket Handle Making Machine

This machine for steel wire, iron wire, aluminum wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire manufacturing different shapes , such as Packaging button clasp, ear hook, D, S, nine word needle, five-pointed star, mountaineering hook, hook, triangle buckle, square buckle, pin, such as a word with all sorts of all kinds of products with changing moulds .

  • Product Detail

1,With a stepper motor feed, microcomputer control, feeding more accurate

2,Roll feeding head type, to avoid the phenomenon of line is expected to be scratched

3.Suitable for high surface finish requirements, product line length precision products

4.Automatic feeding, blanking, forming, pushing, uninterrupted production

5,Easy operation, stable quality, quick delivery, high production efficiency

6,The operation is simple, easy to switch. According to the material, the line of processed workpiece, length, shape different, choose a suitable speed

7,Adjustment is simple, only production of different products mould replacement can be.

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